Couples Sessions

Goals and Objectives of Couples Therapy
The major aim is increasing our knowledge about yourself, your partner and the patterns of interaction between you. Therapy becomes effective as you apply new knowledge to break ineffective patterns and develop better ones.

The key tasks of couples therapy are increasing your clarity about:
-the kind of life you want to built together
-the kind of partner you aspire to be in order the kind of life and relationship you want to create
-your individual blocks to becoming the kind of partner you aspire to be
-the skills and knowledge necessary to do the above tasks

Many times in our relationship we face challenges. Even when we love each other and are committed to the partnership we can find we have times when our communication breaks down or we are emotionally and physically closed to each other or we are in conflict. These are the good moments to seek help. In my work I try to help my clients to rediscover their intimacy and trust. My couples work is penetrating and through the safety of the session framework a deeper honesty and opening to the truth of what is happening can help to shift stuck places and open new levels of energy and presence.
Couple counseling is a powerful way to know and understand your partner more deeply but at the same time this can only happen when you are willing to know and understand yourself more deeply. I use methods based on an Object Relations approach or an Attachment process. Sometime the work needs us to take into account the traumas suffered as children that leads to places of mistrust and fear in us. We then unconsciously bring this to our adult lives and relive the present as if it were a continuation of the past. We then can use a Trauma based approach that helps to shift these patterns at the level of the brain and the nervous system.

A minimum of three sessions is advised to begin with and then together we can assess how things are going and adjust our work accordingly.