The One Experience

Over the years I have developed a unique full cycle of a deep energetic and emotional cleansing process on the energetic, emotional and bodily level, called the One Experience.

This is a highly individualized approach, working through each chakra or energy center cleansing them of any old outdated believe systems, emotional traumas, emotional residuals of negative life experiences, old past life issues and blockages of ones life force.  All topics are to be faced upon, and the goal is to expose all hidden and unconscious agendas. Through this intensive ten session approach it is assured that each participant, who is fully committed to this process, comes out completely clean and reenergized, and is able to live  his/her life in full awareness and mindfulness to enter into a meaningful , loving, sensitive and intimate state of being.

It is important to first discuss your wish with your facilitator, if you are able and emotionally and physically ready to enter into such an intensive process.