Living Love

The work on Living Love has developed in response to our deep longing to experience authentic love and intimacy in our lives, yet our deep desire for love and partnership is very rarely a smooth path. Along the way we encounter obstacles, and the work that we do is created to directly and equally address the longing for love and the obstacles in its way. Very often when we start a relationship or love affair we have an ecstatic beginning, everything seems to work and we experience high levels of nurturing and presence. However as we go deeper into intimacy, we often find that the fears, wounds and negative beliefs that we carry deep inside ourselves are brought to the surface. This often triggers behaviour in us that sabotages our best intentions to sustain love and intimacy with another.

Faced with feelings ad reactions that are difficult to understand or resolve, our lack of effective knowledge and skills stand in the way of creating the kind of love we want. In truth few of us have received the right kind of guidance and training to equip ourselves for the complex art of intimate relationship. To have enduring and successful partnerships we need to bring understanding and healing to these wounded parts of ourselves, and importantly, gain awareness, skills and a map to help us navigate the complex territory it entails. With gentleness, compassion and humour, we create a safe and accepting environment in which to explore and transform our deeply held wounds and conditioned patterns around relationships.

The use of guided meditation, carefully constructed experimental exercises, breath and bodywork combined with individual and group sharing melt down our layers of protection and help us to get in touch with our core more deeply. Therefore we find places of greater openness, peace, acceptance and emotional resolution inside us.
Through doing the work we develop a greater capacity to stay present with both comfortable and uncomfortable intimate feelings. We learn to recognize and break free of the negative life patterns and beliefs we carry which sabotage self worth and the capacity for sustained emotional intimacy.

“ I teach you undivided existence. Remain undivided. Never think yourself separate from your sexual energy, or anything for that matter. You are it! You are sexual energy, you are love energy. You are consciousness. You are body. You have many aspects. Your Diamond has many aspects to it. And all those parts together make you precious.”